Mharo Pranam

Mharo Pranam - Concept


"Meerabai" has a unique place among all Indian saints. She was born in a royal family and was married in a most respectable family in Rajasthan. Both her families were prosperous and she was groomed in a highly cultured environment. Meerabai studied the philosophical and mythological literature in depth effect of which reflects in her own creations. As nature gave her immense beauty, it also gave her melodious voice and she was adept at music. This background reflects in her extremely popular poetic creations which are full of emotions and her "Madhurbhakti".
             This Madhurbhakti of Meerabai inspired Pt. Hemant Pendse to present Meera's character through "Mharo Pranam"; Audio - Visual medium of Music (by Pt. Hemant Pendse) and dance (by Kathak exponent Prerana Deshpande) along with engaging narration (by Dr. Neha Wagh).